Digital Disruption is real!



I was strolling down the street near by my place here in Bengaluru. As I walked past many shops, I came across this local Kirana ( Kirana is Hindi for ‘Ration’ ) store. As you might find at many places these stores are owned and run by Marwadis. If you don’t know who Marwadis are check on Google.

Being a Marwadi myself, I just casually walked up to the shop just to know more about the owner and what products they sell. What happened next left me thinking.

They had a card swiping machine ( which many local stores don’t have ). They also deliver to your doorstep and moreover you can place order on WhatsApp! In distant reality, they might launch an app too!

I had a chat with the owner and he told me , ” Bhaiya, world around us is changing, ifwe don’t change we lose out!’. He told me this through a phrase in Marwadi language, which roughly translates this way.

With the advent of e-commerce and disruption in the hypermarket space by start-ups like Big Basket, Grofers, etc.  the local stores had a tough time especially in Tier- 1 cities. The local stores are moving ahead with digitizing their services to remain relevant in the ever changing market.

The intent of writing this post is to share my view on how software and digitization is disrupting our day-to-day lives and we need to evolve and embrace this disruption rather than discarding it completely!

~~The Software Engineer in me signs off~~


The soul is perturbed

the body undisturbed,

lying there lifeless

the soul so homeless,

cries and mourns

weeps but condones,

the end has arrived

the carrier has died,

and the soul secedes

to the gallows of Hades,

just waiting to adorn

the life of a new born.


~~Inspired by the Morgan Freeman show ‘Story of God’~~


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Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar would have never thought that his people for whom he was fighting would get cheated by his own idea and by using his own name.

Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar would have never thought that RESERVATION will become a cover for zero governance, Zero administration,  for Basic education (which is  just for namesake), for no social and medical awareness. Will become a reason to keep people uneducated so politics of Backward vs forward can be continued. Will become reason to avoid fact that why after 69 years of independence only 14% of students from scheduled cast and 9% students from scheduled tribe are able to reach 12th Std. Will give rise to anti-general political system  where only hate will be promoted and it will cover all cheats of politicians.


very recently I visited my village and there is a primary school where most of students are from backward classes better to…

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Everyday is a Women’s Day

The weekend amateur blogger takes some liberty to write something on a weekday.

International Women’s day. Gone yesterday. People will not put up Facebook statuses, poems etc. on women. It seems to vanish in some moments!

When it come’s to giving equal rights to women we all are bound to tokenism. Mere symbols of empowerment! Some demand reservation, some demand X, some demand Y. But is anything happening on ground?

We have got some fabulous women leaders, some great astronauts, mathematicians, scientists, but why is it that we can count them on our fingers!?

India has been a place where the sages sang the verse

यत्र     नार्यस्तु     पूज्यन्ते

रमन्ते      तत्र       देवता:||

Where women are worshiped, there Gods shall dwell.

We are known for child marriage now, we are known for female infanticide, for dowry, for Sati ? Or we are known for women who empowered themselves.

We have examples aplenty!Look around you! Women politicians, artists, mathematicians , engineers , leaders! Then why are we retorting to mere symbolism in the name of feminism?

I beg your pardon for being too inquisitive, but these are question which so called feminists need to answer. When you talk about empowerment, whom do you want you to empower? The government, your fellow male colleagues? Who?

Yes. Men need to champion women, but not empower them. Who on earth is a man to empower a woman! Power of a woman is manifested in our culture when all the devatas were unable to kill the devil Mahishasur, they called the Shakti, Durga. When she shows the compassion to her family and children, she is Parvati. She brings in the knowledge and wisdom in form of Saraswati and prosperity in form of Lakshmi.

Now you see what symbolism looks like? No. Then read the above paragraph again.

In my humble opinion, we don’t need a symbolic one day to celebrate the women in our lives and “empower’ them.

For those who respect women, everyday is a Women’s day.






What is Azadi?

-Wikipedia says, Azadi is a Persian word meaning liberty and freedom.

Why is this topic of the day?

-Because it is my Azadi to publish & post whatever I like. Just Kidding, it has to do with the JNU row, common you guys know already.

What the hell are you talking?

-Hum kya chahte Azadi. Gareebi se Azadi, Corruption se Azadi, Pichdepan se Azadi

( What we want liberty, liberty from poverty, from corruption and from backwardness)

But will just sloganeering bring this Azadi? Will that JNUSU President’s speech bring about this Azadi, who was a no one until past week or so?

What do you want?

-Azadi. From this non sense.

People in governments are doing their job, better than what has been done previously. You may have ideological differences, but help the government of the day to bring this change. Stop just yelling slogans and making speeches.

Arey bhai, Kehna kya chahte ho?

-Band karo ye nautanki, ab kaam pe lago. Sarkaren aayengi jayengi. Desh wahi rahega.

( Koi yaad aya is line ko padh ke ?)

Sirf Aarakshan se, ya subsidy se, Gareebi door nahi hogi.

Aur Kripa karke apne se bado ki Izzat karna sikh lijiye. Chahe wo aapke dhur rajneetik pratidwandi hi kyun na ho.

(For English translation, kindly refrain from using Google, contact me 😀 )