A look back at our Constitution: Shyam Benegal’s ‘Samvidhaan’

The Indian Constitution is the largest written constitutional document in the world. It took two and half years to frame it completely. Having born way after Independence,  the Youth of this country can only imagine what could have happened during the meetings of the Constituent Assembly or read in the history books about it.

I was watching the History TV 18 Channel on TV and wondered why couldn’t we in India make some show which enlightens the youth about the rich heritage and struggles for freedom of this nation, which seems to have thrown in the dustbin, as India grows younger.

Then one day while watching the Speech of our PM (then PM designate) Sh. Narendra Modiji on Rajya Sabha TV , I watched the 2nd episode of the mini TV series by Shyam Benegal on India’s Constitution, titled as ‘Samvidhaan’ which is the Hindi translation of the word ‘Constitution’.

The TV series features the series of events which took place during the formulation and enactment of the Constitution of the largest democracy of the world.

The script has been written brilliantly taking care of the use of words by the people in the coveted assembly according to their region of origin.

Shyam Benegal’s experience and artistry is reflected in the way he has chosen and directed actors for their respective roles. You would sometime feel that you were watching a documentary and not a mere enactment. For example, Rajendra Gupta as President Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dilip Tahlani as Pt. Nehru, Paresh Ganatra as K. T . Shah,Ila Arun as Hansa Mehta, and others look perfect in their respective roles, be it their make up, dialogue delivery or accent.

Cast and crew of Samvidhaan

Swara Bhaskar’s anchoring adds to the attractiveness of this story styled narrative of the making of the constitution of India. The article by article discussion, the politics of the country at that time, the social and communal issues which were raised during the discussion, the separation of Pakistan and Gandhi-Jinnah relations have been portrayed beautifully. Although some might argue about the story line but Benegal and his team has taken care of each and every short story they encapsulated in the series. All the dialogues have been created from recorded facts and speeches and accounts from the biographies of various leaders.

The first show aired on 2nd March 2014, Sunday when the nation was hearing the opening bell of the 2014 general elections and in these extravagant elections this fantastic piece of creation went unnoticed.

President of India felicitated the actors in a ceremony on 20th February which was coincidentally the penultimate day of the 15th Lok Sabha.

The series couldn’t be shot in the Central Hall of Parliament as it would have to be re shaped, so a replica of the Central Hall (as it would have looked in that era) was created in the Film Studio at Mumbai and the series was shot there.

I urge people from all walks of life to watch this TV series at least once and I am sure you would be proud of our Constitution and its rich history.

These episodes are now available on RajyaSabha TV’s YouTube channel.

Here are all the 10 episodes of the series.


Sabne milaye hath yahan tiirgi ka saath

Sabne milaye haath yahan tiirgi ke sath
Kitna bada mazak hua roshni ke sath
Shartein lagayi jati nahi dosti ke sath
Kijiye mujhe qubool meri har kami ke sath
Tera khayal teri talab teri aarzoo
Main umr bhar chala hun roshni ke sath
Duniya mere khilaf khadi kese ho gayi
Meri to dushmani bhi nahi thi kisi ke sath
Kis kaam ki rahi ye dikhave ki zindagi
Waade kiye kisi se guzari kisi ke sath
Duniya ko bewafai ka ilzam kaun de
Apni hi nibh saki na bohot din kisi ke sath
Qatre wo kuchh bhi payen ye mumkin nahi “waseem”
Badhna jo chahte hain samandar kashi ke sath

This one is from one of my favourite shayars : waseem barelvi sahab..


Election aya! Election aya!

Election Aya! Election Aya!

waadon ke pulinde laya!

humko isne khub bharmaya

khel kisika samajh na aya!


yun to ye sakht daur garmi ka hai

lekin yaha to mela besharmi ka hai

Suraj ko dekh Neta bhi aankh dikhaya

Election aya! Election Aya!


is kalyug mein zuban hi shastra hai

man maila tan sundar vastra hain

Shikaari ne phir se apna jaal bichaya

kyunki Election Aya! Election Aya!


deshbhakt tum sambhal ke rehna

matri bhakt tum sambhal ke rehna

saapon ne phir zeher hai dikhaya

2014 me Election aya! Election Aya!


Kingship knows no Kinship

With an unprecedented chain of events, involving the barter of kins from one party to another, these General Elections have turned up to promote ‘Mahabharat’.

While Namonarayan Meena, former cabinet minister in UPA 2, fights against his real brother, Harishchandra Meena in Dausa(Rajasthan), Congress party thinks it has scored big with former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s niece, Karuna Shukla. She is running for the Lok Sabha membership from Madhya Pradesh. We all know what Uddhav and Raj Thackrey have been upto since the formation of the MNS in 2006.

In the chain of events when brothers are fighting against each other, PM Manmohan Singh’s half brother, Daljeet Singh Kohli mysteriously joins the BJP.

These series of events remind me of the epic tale of Mahabharat, and the phrase ‘Kingship knows no Kinship’.


Extravagant Elections! India votes!

The world’s largest democracy is put to test as it needs to elect a government for itself which can take her to the path of development and glory which she ought to be on.

The showbiz, the marketing, the advertisements, the speech, the rallies, the roadshows. Too much to look forward these elections as this time it is not just a two way fight.

With an eye on the ‘neo middle class’ people, Aam Aadmi Party has jumped into the General Elections. As it’s National Convener highlights again and again that ‘removing’ corruption is their primary target, AAP has provided the progressive people of India a third ‘promising’ option.

With BJP’s Namo Namo call, they hope they can ride on the wave and get clear majority in the lower house, which this nation hasn’t seen since the 1984 general elections when late Pm Rajiv Gandhi won 416 seats for INC riding on the sympathy wave after Indira Gandhi’s assasination.

INC on the other hand has been pushed against the wall. They rely on Rahul Gandhi’s speeches which are thought to be ‘youthful’. With Manmohan Singh retiring, he could be the scapegoat for taking the blame of all the scams in the UPA regime. The only thing INC can do to get votes is by propagating the ‘secular’ word.

The talks about polity is over, let’s talk about the other side of these general elections, the MONEY been flown like water.

BJP on one hand is using Technology like 3D holograph to reach out more and more people, INC has not changed it’s conventional way of reaching the masses.

Massive budgets are allocated for marketing and advertisements. Whether it be ‘Bhaarat Nirman’ or ‘Abki baar Modi Sarkar’, political establishments are trying to lure voters with ‘chunavi lollipops’.

But where does this much money come from? The Election Commission keeps a check on the election budgets of parties but still there are cases when Black money is involved.

With parties turning down this claim, there is enough room for doubt. As India have progressed into the 21st century, the 67 year old young nation has developed a sense of what is politically correct or incorrect.

Therefore, I leave it up to the voters’ discretion that use of black money bothers him or not. After all these parties will only run our economy after they get elected.

But don”t make it an excuse to not to vote. It is a hearty appeal to people of India especially the youth to go out and vote.

Because your vote is NOT your right as publicized by the ‘Netas’ but your duty, your obligation towards the future generation of this nation who is getting younger as it grows old.

Jai Hind. Jai Maa Bharati.

P.S. these are neutral views of the author and are not motivated by any political force. Don’t hurl abuses or use derogatory language in comments. thank you.

Hidden Facts: The reality of Development

Hey people, after a long duration of a rest, the idiot has come out of the box to interact with you again. Still typing with my one hand, I could have taken my time, but this is an important issue.

Reservation, a blessing or a curse, is a matter of endless debate. People belonging to general category feel that reservation is snatching rights away from them! It’s natural to think so!

Reservation, on the other hand, has also given opportunity to the downtrodden to come up and play their part in the society.

But over a few decades, it is seen that political parties are using this as an agenda to increase their vote bank. the benefits of reservation are being taken by the economically sound SC/ST people and others have been suppressed by their own leaders. Prakash Jha’s ‘Gangajal’ gives the example of this. For those who didn’t see Gangajal, please watch it only if you are strong at heart. This movie is based on some real life stories and reality is always harsh. Nevertheless, Ajay Devgn and Prakash Jha’s combination does wonders.

We need to think on the reservation policy again taking into consideration the economic sustainability along with the caste. The time has gone when caste alone was the symbol of a ‘Dalit’. Socio-Economic status has to be taken into account. Thoughts developing against reservation needs to be assured of the goodwill behind this policy and the merits of the system. This topic should not be read with the brain but with the heart keeping in mind the poorest person you have seen

Disclaimer: I belong to GENERAL category.

Raisina Hills-2012 “Kauna Banega Rashtrapati”

English: Pranab Mukherjee, Indian politician, ...

Breaking News! Flashed on the TV screens of various channels when Pranab Mukherjee was declared as top priority by UPA chairperson for the upcoming Presidential Elections.An hour later all messed up journalist who were busy preparing Pranab da’s profile held their head as Mamta Didi took a U turn and along with Mulayam Singh declared three candidates for President’s Candidature. The name of the incumbent PM Manmohan Singh was the Surprise of the day.

English: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the ...

Pranab Mukherjee has been in the run for a long time as the tenure of Mrs.Pratibha Patil nears an end this 24 July.APJ Abdul Kalam has been fancied by the people as the President again but BJP’s uncertainty and leadership crisis are making his comeback unlikely. Somnath Chaterjee, a third suggestion by the brother and sister duo of Mamata and Mulayam, is lacking political support as his own party, the CPI(M) has lost faith in him.

The battle lines are thus likely to draw between the PM and the FM, Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee.

Though it would be utter shame for the congress to drive away Manmohan Singh from 7 RCR in the name of Presidential Elections, but there may be a few reasons why Congress would take this step. The first reason is the degrading image of Prime Minister, and a group in a party wants a change in the leadership( Wants Rahul Gandhi perhaps! ).

The politics involved is so complicated and nonsensical that a common man would take a life time to understand and when he understands it, the things would have changed completely.

With Mamata and Mulayam playing their cards now, its upto The UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi to take some step forward and build a consensus within the alliance.

With a fantastic football tournament going on in Ukraine and Poland ,the UEFA 2012 is beginning to get exciting with some competitive matches, so is the battle for the Raisina Hills 2012.

With Mr.Bachchan getting ready for the game show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati“,, ts Mamata Banerjee who has got her own political game show on as “Kaun Banega Rashtrapati”

[[The comments made here are solely mine and endorses no political party’s views]]