10 Steps to become a better writer

10 Steps to becoming a better writer                            (Credit : Copyblogger.com)

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Took a long time to write another post. This idiot was going through the pain of taking those irrelevant theoretical University Exams.

Those exams have their importance as well but what is most important to every kid in fact every person on earth, is Vacation.

Absurd! You would be shouting at me. June is ending the vacations get over now!

Excuse me! It doesn’t need a vacation to talk of vacations.

Well vacation is the time when one is free of all tensions and worries and can enjoy life freely. Vacations are ought to be utilized in a way to discover many other things which we skip in our monotonous daily routine.

But those summer breaks ! Are they really worth calling vacations?


‘He will join dance classes’, his mother said. ‘Let him join the sports camp’, was his father’s words of resilience. ‘Computers are today’s demand, you must join computer classes’, was the suggestion from the irritating neighbour. No one wanted him to enjoy and set himself free to discover the lot of things happening around him every second. This is the story of almost every child in May and June, especially in India.

Kids are like soft petals of a flower, which if pressed too hard, will get destroyed. They need to be given some space to blossom and thrive.

Its not the case only with kids, but also with the Older kids, I mean the adults. They take break from Office to spend some time with family and explore few more things in life. But this fast-paced world never allows them to get away from the Laptop or Tablet.

The world around us is changing at such a speed that the machines are taking the front seat and humans have gone on the back seat. The time is close when we would be spending vacations on computers or Tablets.