Why look West when East is the best?-The Rationalist View

So the third of the lot is public now. Many of my friends and Visitors told me that the previous post was a bit like a fiction with no proof or scientific relation. As in this era, we all tend to find the reason behind everything, here I present before you some facts and proofs.

Aum calligraphy. Aum (Om) Hindu Symbol Françai...

Aum (Om) Hindu  Sacred Symbol 

1.The Frequency of ‘Om’ (ॐ )- Scientists have found out that the frequency of the sacred syllable ‘om’ is the same as the frequency of the rotation of Earth around the sun in the thirty-second octave. The sound is the same as the musical note of  ‘Sa’ (sadja) or C# in western notes. This is directly associated with peace of the sub-conscious mind or the soul. For details- follow the link –The Frequency of the Earth-year.

Srinivasa Ramanujan

2. The Pioneers of Mathematics were Indian scholarsAryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya, Ramanujan are a few names from the list of renowned Mathematicians from India. The world Accepts India gave the concept of zero. Many formulas and Theories suggested by European Mathematicians and Physicists during the Renaissance and after the Industrial Revolution, were already described in the Vedas by our mathematicians, the unfortunate case is that no one understood them that time. Ramanujan ,the great mathematician of the 20th Century, should be promoted as a idol for all young Aspiring scientists. Indians have given a lot to Mathematics, but have not been credited in the equal amount. It is time to come up with interest in mathematics as the ages coming ahead will be the age of rapid pace scientific developments. Indian PM has declared as this year 2012 as ‘The year of Science and Mathematics’.

English: Satyendra Nath Bose in Paris 1925

3. The Boson Particle- The great Satyendra Nath Bose was an eminent physicist. He along with Einstein proposed a theory which led to discovery of the fundamental particles called ‘Bosons’ , which are also called as ‘force carrier particles’. This concept changed the whole scientific community’s thinking about Quantum Mechanics, as Bose described the gas like nature of EM radiations. We wouldn’t have seen lasers or masers if these ‘Bose-Einstein’  statistics had  not evolved. It was not Bose who approached Einstein to collaborate but Einstein approached Bose for collaborating in his work, thats why the statistics are called ‘Bose-Einstein ‘ and not ‘Einstein-Bose’. This theory change the view of scientists on how forces of nature work. The all hyped ‘Higgs Boson‘ is the outcome of Bose’s Works. Unfortunately, our Indian colleges and Schools seem to have forgotten this hero. He should be presented before the students as a pioneer of Scientific research in India and one of the greatest role model for Indian Scientists.

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Why look West when East is the Best?- Mythology and Science

Ok friends this is the continuation of the first article in the series.

As I mention that India has a great cultural heritage in forms of Vedas, Upanishads, Epic Poems like Ramayana and Mahabharata, The great works of Kalidasa as Kumarsambhavam, vikramorvashiyam.Great literary works by later writers in sanskrit, pali, prakrit, hindi and awadhi languages. The works just didn’t have literary importance but were of great virtue for betterment of society and science.

The Hundu Mythology (and many other contemporary ones) talk of the trinity, The three GODs or the three Supreme Ones. I wondered that an atom also consists of three major parts. Now I will try to get some comparison on the trinity of religion and the trinity of atom

1.Brahma– The Creator

Brahma-The creator of Life!

When a chemical reaction takes place new bonds are formed by either transfer or sharing of electrons.(GEEKY!) Similarly Brahma is called as the Creator. Scientist have been working on the theory of one electron (they say that there is only one electron in the whole universe which moves in inter-dimensional space and time. ) which has a relation to ‘Ek Brahm”
(i.e. one soul) theory  of Hindu Mythology. Scientist haven’t agreed upon it because this theory would lead to the failure of theories proposed for many physi

cal phenomena. The Electron has a very less mass and Brahma is not worshiped in Hindu Mythology except for the few Brahma Temples, at Pushkar Astotra and other places including Bangkok and Java.

2.Vishnu-The Protector.

Closeup of Vishnu, seated in the lotus positio...









The Proton has positive charge on it and thus holds the atom from getting scattered. Lord Vishnu also protects life on Earth.Vishnu have taken many forms on Earth as proton take part in reactions to give other sub-atomic particles such as neutrinos etc. Strange similarities. Proton is further broken down to three quarks which symbolize the Sheshnag, Sudarshan Chakra and the Lotus.

3.Shiv-The destroyer.

Shiv as Natraj performing Tandav

Shiva is called as the destroyer in some scriptures while he is also treated as the protector in some other ones. Neutrons take part in the chain reaction and can cause great destruction with the nuclear bombs. While to balance the mass of the atom Neutrons are very necessary.

The concept of Antimatter is also described in form of Dev-Asura Sangram. There is much more you can find. The matter described is solely my thinking you may disagree upon it. Its upto you readers what you think is Right or Wrong! But Mythology does relate to science, whether scientists accept it or not.

This brings me to break this chain here! In the next part I promise there will be some science and mathematical proofs!

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Why look West when East is the Best!

Yesterday Night I had a really strange thought running through my knavish mind.

NO! No fantasies .NO Sci-fi stories. NO Rajnikanth Jokes either.

My crafty mind said to me, you follow the western manners right when u wake up and brush your teeth. I was taken aback(just some exaggeration). It is true. In fact many of us just blindly follow what the Americans or the Europeans do or what they used to do!

It may be the long-term effect of the cruel British Raj. Or maybe we people are really wiling to follow the west for the best, as many of our economists used to say once.But, they are eventually proven wrong, the fact evident from USA‘s LOOK EAST Policy.

What made the British Empire great( i don’t think it was Great but Historians say so)? What made Alexander great?  What made the Roman Empire great?

The answer is common to all. Attack on others, killing people, making slaves,conquering land etc. They had nothing to give but atrocities. Those who talk of Human Rights today, did not treat others as human. They may call themselves great or may compel others to call them great but the truth is greatness doesn’t come from winning wars.

But now ask yourself. What made India great? What made Akbar great? What made Ashok Great? What made Samudragupta great? What made Vikramaditya Great? The answer is simple and evident. The spreading of the rich cultural Heritage!

Akbar symbolizes the mixed culture of India. Ashok was indulged in violent wars but later he transformed himself into a Buddhist and the spread Buddhism has all over the world including Japan, China, Sri lanka, Myanmar, etc is all because of him.

India enjoys the status of the Oldest Civilization on Earth. The Vedic culture is full of many untold mysteries. If someone can interpret the sayings of Ved and Puran and Link them to science. You may find many things similar between them.

contd. in the next part with some interesting facts and interpretations. This part is just an Introduction to what is coming next. There will be a full series of Articles so just keep following!

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