Too much thinking!

What am I today?

Who will I become tomorrow?

Does these questions bother you a lot?  You are busy thinking all the time what you are going to be in future, and often end up being depressed by the harsh realities of life.

Sitting numb one day, I was lost in the dreams of my own, probably shaping up my future plans. ” When I get into that job I’ll buy a home”, “I would propose that girl I liked from the first day of college”, “I would lead a luxurious life 20 years from now and blah blah.

Lost too much in these unreal events, I wasted my time and missed an opportunity to be happy! Yes! I wasn’t happy thinking of all that.

Now you would think how stupid this person is and there you may be a touch right. While thinking of such pleasant future plans who wouldn’t be happy?

But as soon as you think good, negative thoughts corrode your happiness.

“How will I get that job?”

“Will she say yes to me?”

“What if I cannot make these dreams come true?”

and you get  depressed……for eternity!

But if you be positive and do what the present situation demands, I bet you will ever come across the word dee-press-shun.

Just be happy with what you have. Be content and hopeful.

Hard work is the gateway to a long tunnel. It looks dark from inside but at the other end, there is that slender yet bright ray of success.

Keep Working without Thinking too much about the outcome, for what is going to be the result is not in your hands, what lies in your hands is the hard work.

Cheers from,

KirtiKumar- A depresses guy trying to come out of dee-press-shun.