The torch bearers of UNITY (Ekatva)

rest-in-peace-quotes-for-friends Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela, popular in India as South African Gandhi, passed away late on Thursday December 5 2013, after prolonged illness.

With Mandela’s demise the world hast lost not only a leader but a man whose determination to fight would inspire generations.

He fought a long battle against apartheid, racial discrimination in the rainbow nation, for which he served precious 27 years in Jail.

His fight beat apartheid and in 1994 he was elected the President of the nations, and became the first black man to hold the coveted post. This is an irreparable damage to South Africa and the Mandela family. All our thoughts are with them and may the divine soul REST IN PEACE.

Interesting fact: It is and odd coincidence that on 6th of December another great man who fought against discrimination also passed away. Dr. BR Ambedkar whom we all know as the father of our constitution fought his entire life for equality of the Dalits and strove for  nondiscrimination in society.


Dr. BabaSaheb Ambedkar ,Dalit Icon, also passed away on December 6th in 1956



No words to say. The original Iron Man of India, the symbol of Strength and who made the character of Lord Hanuman alive, the grea wrestler and first action hero of Indian Cinema is no more.

An Inspiration for body builders and generations of Actors, Shri Dara Singh died in the morning of 12th July 2012 due to a cardiac and respiratory arrest.

May His soul  Rest In Peace and go to #Baikunth Dham (the adobe of Lord Vishnu, of whom Lord Ram was an incarnation). Jai Shri Ram.