The Assam Plot

Pre Script: The topic chosen is politically and regionally sensitive. Reader’s discretion is advised.

TV news channels have been highlighting the North East state of Assam for a week or so, because of the violence which took more than 50 lives there and almost 4.5 lakh people have become homeless there.

But Assam had been struggling with floods and violence since end of June. Thanks to the negligence of New Delhi(talking of the Media), it didn’t become an issue. But the violence in Assam was highly ‘publicised’ by the National Media.

Things are not so easy as they look. Some people say it’s a communal violence. Some make it the war for dominance while some term it as a struggle of the local Bodo Tribes against ‘Illegal Migrants’.

It took me two days to review news from different media. Looked upon some research work by senior journalists but the end result was inconclusive. The big question remains that who should be responsible for this ‘blot'(As our PM sees it).

The views are largely divided on the grounds of struggle for existence. There has also come to notice an administrative failure which could have prevented the violence. Unfortunately, it was the blame game again which ended up in a 300 Crore package from the Centre to this Tarun Gogoi led North East state.

Amidst all this drama and up-downs confined in the boundary of the Idiot Box, there has been a life quite miserable for the victims of this unfortunate tragedy. The relief camps have been lacking basic facilities and there is emphasis on deferring this matter rather than going to the root cause of  the violence.

One needs to learn from the past. Same mistakes are being made which were made during 1995-96. Terrible is the fact that ground reality is quite different from what media shows on TV.[ These are the words of a Newspaper Journalist]

We can hope that all ends on a good note and we can just lend a hand for help to the biggest of the seven sisters of the NE India.

We want Peace in Assam

Post Script