The soul is perturbed

the body undisturbed,

lying there lifeless

the soul so homeless,

cries and mourns

weeps but condones,

the end has arrived

the carrier has died,

and the soul secedes

to the gallows of Hades,

just waiting to adorn

the life of a new born.


~~Inspired by the Morgan Freeman show ‘Story of God’~~


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Life’s Answer: A poem


LIFE’S ANSWERsailing-the-sea-of-life
I asked life to answer a query,
When will be the end of my life’s misery?
I asked life why i am feeling so bad,
All what is happening is making me mad.
I asked life to answer my plea,
Why are you being so harsh on me?
Life smiled and said the answer is within you,
Don’t think too much and get over with the blues.

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Lennon’s Life story- An Inspiration for every Aspiration

One of John Lennon’s famous quotes. Every one knows about him, so nothing to describe here. Well this quote also has something to do with the struggle in his life. At the age of five his parents separated. He was asked to chose between his biological Father and her mothers boyfriend. He chose his father twice but when his mother walked away he followed her. He wanted them both together. he then tried to be happy as ever as he was until his last breath.