What is Azadi?

-Wikipedia says, Azadi is a Persian word meaning liberty and freedom.

Why is this topic of the day?

-Because it is my Azadi to publish & post whatever I like. Just Kidding, it has to do with the JNU row, common you guys know already.

What the hell are you talking?

-Hum kya chahte Azadi. Gareebi se Azadi, Corruption se Azadi, Pichdepan se Azadi

( What we want liberty, liberty from poverty, from corruption and from backwardness)

But will just sloganeering bring this Azadi? Will that JNUSU President’s speech bring about this Azadi, who was a no one until past week or so?

What do you want?

-Azadi. From this non sense.

People in governments are doing their job, better than what has been done previously. You may have ideological differences, but help the government of the day to bring this change. Stop just yelling slogans and making speeches.

Arey bhai, Kehna kya chahte ho?

-Band karo ye nautanki, ab kaam pe lago. Sarkaren aayengi jayengi. Desh wahi rahega.

( Koi yaad aya is line ko padh ke ?)

Sirf Aarakshan se, ya subsidy se, Gareebi door nahi hogi.

Aur Kripa karke apne se bado ki Izzat karna sikh lijiye. Chahe wo aapke dhur rajneetik pratidwandi hi kyun na ho.

(For English translation, kindly refrain from using Google, contact me 😀 )

11 degrees and still jobless – Yahoo!

11 degrees and still jobless – Yahoo!.

Ashok Kumar,54, has a mind boggling 11 educational degrees under his belt. But its ironical that he has no place for a job in any prestigious company!

11 degrees and still jobless - Ashok Kumar

This man from Luni, owns a stall at the Luni Railway station and is compelled to be a vendor to make a livelihood. To add to the agony, he is a Gold Medalist from Kota University in Mass Communication.

The Big question mark on the Indian Education System still lingers around the corner,no matter how much Mr. Kapil Sibbal tries to change it, all his absurd efforts are going to be fruitless!

One would say 11 degress won’t get a job but still it is a mark of self confidence and excellence. In the video you will find out about his struggle.

Watch the video on Yahoo!