A look back at our Constitution: Shyam Benegal’s ‘Samvidhaan’

The Indian Constitution is the largest written constitutional document in the world. It took two and half years to frame it completely. Having born way after Independence,  the Youth of this country can only imagine what could have happened during the meetings of the Constituent Assembly or read in the history books about it.

I was watching the History TV 18 Channel on TV and wondered why couldn’t we in India make some show which enlightens the youth about the rich heritage and struggles for freedom of this nation, which seems to have thrown in the dustbin, as India grows younger.

Then one day while watching the Speech of our PM (then PM designate) Sh. Narendra Modiji on Rajya Sabha TV , I watched the 2nd episode of the mini TV series by Shyam Benegal on India’s Constitution, titled as ‘Samvidhaan’ which is the Hindi translation of the word ‘Constitution’.

The TV series features the series of events which took place during the formulation and enactment of the Constitution of the largest democracy of the world.

The script has been written brilliantly taking care of the use of words by the people in the coveted assembly according to their region of origin.

Shyam Benegal’s experience and artistry is reflected in the way he has chosen and directed actors for their respective roles. You would sometime feel that you were watching a documentary and not a mere enactment. For example, Rajendra Gupta as President Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dilip Tahlani as Pt. Nehru, Paresh Ganatra as K. T . Shah,Ila Arun as Hansa Mehta, and others look perfect in their respective roles, be it their make up, dialogue delivery or accent.

Cast and crew of Samvidhaan

Swara Bhaskar’s anchoring adds to the attractiveness of this story styled narrative of the making of the constitution of India. The article by article discussion, the politics of the country at that time, the social and communal issues which were raised during the discussion, the separation of Pakistan and Gandhi-Jinnah relations have been portrayed beautifully. Although some might argue about the story line but Benegal and his team has taken care of each and every short story they encapsulated in the series. All the dialogues have been created from recorded facts and speeches and accounts from the biographies of various leaders.

The first show aired on 2nd March 2014, Sunday when the nation was hearing the opening bell of the 2014 general elections and in these extravagant elections this fantastic piece of creation went unnoticed.

President of India felicitated the actors in a ceremony on 20th February which was coincidentally the penultimate day of the 15th Lok Sabha.

The series couldn’t be shot in the Central Hall of Parliament as it would have to be re shaped, so a replica of the Central Hall (as it would have looked in that era) was created in the Film Studio at Mumbai and the series was shot there.

I urge people from all walks of life to watch this TV series at least once and I am sure you would be proud of our Constitution and its rich history.

These episodes are now available on RajyaSabha TV’s YouTube channel.

Here are all the 10 episodes of the series.

Why look West when East is the best?-The Rationalist View

So the third of the lot is public now. Many of my friends and Visitors told me that the previous post was a bit like a fiction with no proof or scientific relation. As in this era, we all tend to find the reason behind everything, here I present before you some facts and proofs.

Aum calligraphy. Aum (Om) Hindu Symbol Françai...

Aum (Om) Hindu  Sacred Symbol 

1.The Frequency of ‘Om’ (ॐ )- Scientists have found out that the frequency of the sacred syllable ‘om’ is the same as the frequency of the rotation of Earth around the sun in the thirty-second octave. The sound is the same as the musical note of  ‘Sa’ (sadja) or C# in western notes. This is directly associated with peace of the sub-conscious mind or the soul. For details- follow the link –The Frequency of the Earth-year.

Srinivasa Ramanujan

2. The Pioneers of Mathematics were Indian scholarsAryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya, Ramanujan are a few names from the list of renowned Mathematicians from India. The world Accepts India gave the concept of zero. Many formulas and Theories suggested by European Mathematicians and Physicists during the Renaissance and after the Industrial Revolution, were already described in the Vedas by our mathematicians, the unfortunate case is that no one understood them that time. Ramanujan ,the great mathematician of the 20th Century, should be promoted as a idol for all young Aspiring scientists. Indians have given a lot to Mathematics, but have not been credited in the equal amount. It is time to come up with interest in mathematics as the ages coming ahead will be the age of rapid pace scientific developments. Indian PM has declared as this year 2012 as ‘The year of Science and Mathematics’.

English: Satyendra Nath Bose in Paris 1925

3. The Boson Particle- The great Satyendra Nath Bose was an eminent physicist. He along with Einstein proposed a theory which led to discovery of the fundamental particles called ‘Bosons’ , which are also called as ‘force carrier particles’. This concept changed the whole scientific community’s thinking about Quantum Mechanics, as Bose described the gas like nature of EM radiations. We wouldn’t have seen lasers or masers if these ‘Bose-Einstein’  statistics had  not evolved. It was not Bose who approached Einstein to collaborate but Einstein approached Bose for collaborating in his work, thats why the statistics are called ‘Bose-Einstein ‘ and not ‘Einstein-Bose’. This theory change the view of scientists on how forces of nature work. The all hyped ‘Higgs Boson‘ is the outcome of Bose’s Works. Unfortunately, our Indian colleges and Schools seem to have forgotten this hero. He should be presented before the students as a pioneer of Scientific research in India and one of the greatest role model for Indian Scientists.

[[ P.S.-There is much more material which can be the part of this post, but I don’t want it to be very long. I will bring out the fourth part if possible. Till Then Happy reading! Adios!]]

11 degrees and still jobless – Yahoo!

11 degrees and still jobless – Yahoo!.

Ashok Kumar,54, has a mind boggling 11 educational degrees under his belt. But its ironical that he has no place for a job in any prestigious company!

11 degrees and still jobless - Ashok Kumar

This man from Luni, owns a stall at the Luni Railway station and is compelled to be a vendor to make a livelihood. To add to the agony, he is a Gold Medalist from Kota University in Mass Communication.

The Big question mark on the Indian Education System still lingers around the corner,no matter how much Mr. Kapil Sibbal tries to change it, all his absurd efforts are going to be fruitless!

One would say 11 degress won’t get a job but still it is a mark of self confidence and excellence. In the video you will find out about his struggle.

Watch the video on Yahoo!