Doctors take on Aamir Khan

A nation-wide success ‘SatyaMev Jayate’  has got a place in heart of every Indian. Aamir Khan deserves applause and appreciations for his great efforts. Many of us don’t know that Aamir belongs to the bloodline of Maulan Abdul Kalam Azad, a Freedom Fighter and educationalist who eventually became Independent India‘s first Education Minister.

While there has been huge support for Mr. Perfectionist (that’s how the film industry and media calls him), there is an outrage as well. Aamir had discussed some Healthcare issues and corruption that is widespread in our Healthcare Sector and is unattended by the governments and authorities alike.

But the doctor’s residing in foreign countries look upon it as an offense towards their occupation. The show clarified that all doctor’s are not alike and there is no attack on the profession or any doctor as a individual. Having received so many emails from doctors Medical associations have decided that if Aamir doesn’t apologize for his action, the doctor’s will boycott his films. I only have one word for this situation! RIDICULOUS!!!

Well Aamir you are walking on the righteous path of Truth and you needn’t be disheartened. No need to apologize. Hindrances are there on the path of Truth, in the end “Truth only Prevails”.

The positive thing out of this may be that  ‘SatyaMev Jayate’ has gained popularity even outside India!

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