Extravagant Elections! India votes!

The world’s largest democracy is put to test as it needs to elect a government for itself which can take her to the path of development and glory which she ought to be on.

The showbiz, the marketing, the advertisements, the speech, the rallies, the roadshows. Too much to look forward these elections as this time it is not just a two way fight.

With an eye on the ‘neo middle class’ people, Aam Aadmi Party has jumped into the General Elections. As it’s National Convener highlights again and again that ‘removing’ corruption is their primary target, AAP has provided the progressive people of India a third ‘promising’ option.

With BJP’s Namo Namo call, they hope they can ride on the wave and get clear majority in the lower house, which this nation hasn’t seen since the 1984 general elections when late Pm Rajiv Gandhi won 416 seats for INC riding on the sympathy wave after Indira Gandhi’s assasination.

INC on the other hand has been pushed against the wall. They rely on Rahul Gandhi’s speeches which are thought to be ‘youthful’. With Manmohan Singh retiring, he could be the scapegoat for taking the blame of all the scams in the UPA regime. The only thing INC can do to get votes is by propagating the ‘secular’ word.

The talks about polity is over, let’s talk about the other side of these general elections, the MONEY been flown like water.

BJP on one hand is using Technology like 3D holograph to reach out more and more people, INC has not changed it’s conventional way of reaching the masses.

Massive budgets are allocated for marketing and advertisements. Whether it be ‘Bhaarat Nirman’ or ‘Abki baar Modi Sarkar’, political establishments are trying to lure voters with ‘chunavi lollipops’.

But where does this much money come from? The Election Commission keeps a check on the election budgets of parties but still there are cases when Black money is involved.

With parties turning down this claim, there is enough room for doubt. As India have progressed into the 21st century, the 67 year old young nation has developed a sense of what is politically correct or incorrect.

Therefore, I leave it up to the voters’ discretion that use of black money bothers him or not. After all these parties will only run our economy after they get elected.

But don”t make it an excuse to not to vote. It is a hearty appeal to people of India especially the youth to go out and vote.

Because your vote is NOT your right as publicized by the ‘Netas’ but your duty, your obligation towards the future generation of this nation who is getting younger as it grows old.

Jai Hind. Jai Maa Bharati.

P.S. these are neutral views of the author and are not motivated by any political force. Don’t hurl abuses or use derogatory language in comments. thank you.

Is Kejriwal emulating Advani’s Yatra stunt?

With the month of April coming closer, the battle to 7 RCR has heated up. BJP and Congress have played their cards already and are putting in all those efforts to claim majority in the lower house of the parliament. Meanwhile, the new entrant into the political scenario, the Aam Aadmi Party, are trying their best to gain some good ground, if at all they want to give some stiff challenge to the old political power houses in BJP and Congress.

The party’s National convener, Arvind Kejriwal, might be avoiding a direct clash with BJP’s lead star Narendra Modi, but he understands the importance of Uttar Pradesh in the politics of the Lok Sabha. The former IRS officer has shown his political prowess in the Delhi Legislative Assembly polls and is all set to contribute to his party’s success on the National Level.

But a random thought ran across my might which made me think of some similarities between the AAP and the BJP of the 90’s. With God’s grace my historical knowledge is not as good as some political leaders, but what history tells us of the (in)famous Rath Yatras of Sh LK Advani ( now a sidelined leader at BJP) that the initial yatras brought the BJP to rise in ranks at the national level, gaining exponentially on the account of Ram mandir.

Kejri Babu is in similar sort of terms as was Advani in 92. He has come up with the ‘Jhadoo Chalao Yatra'( Cleaning Up with the BROOM) through UP and other states. Despite this striking similarity, the agenda has been totally different, that of AAP against the BJP.

Now what is the outcome of this cleaning up campaign lies in the hands of future and more in the hands of the people who vote this 2014. It would be interesting to see the prospects of the broom cleaning up the Hand or slashing the lotus.

Jhadu yatra

AK on Mission Lok Sabha

Betting for a clean Sweep

Is AK not emulating LKA. Though on a different agenda


Post Script : I so not support any political groups(s) and am NOT paid for writing this piece by any person(s). This is my sole opinion and yours need not be the same. So just don’t hurl abuses. Keep your word, it will be treated with respect and in return I demand for respect to my words.

The Yog Guru saga- Rise Fall and Rise of Baba Ramdeo

English: Photo of Baba Ramdev taken by me whil...

Yog Guru Baba Ramdev

A little more than a year ago Baba Ramdeo was no more than a Yog-Guru or as Americans want to say it a Yoga teacher. From out of nowhere (maybe some inner conscience ) the issue of Black Money was raised and Babaji started his campaign The Bharat Swabhiman Movement. People gave it a good reception thinking someone has stood for them. The Anna factor was still to come Ramdeo was a Hero now. Four High ranked cabinet ministers visit him on the airport to try and stop him from agitation.

Agitation began at the Ramlila Ground in New Delhi. The ‘Ram Lila‘ was seen by everyone there. The police using the English time weapon, the Lathis, and Baba tryin to abscond in a women’s attire, caught by the Police.

Drama continued for some days with the media feeding the fuel, but as every topic is hyped and then neglected by the Media, this issue was also searching for the lime light.

Baba Ramdeo was not seen anywhere. He secluded himself from rest of the world. His second in command Balkrishna found himsef in trouble over nationality issues and went missing for days. People could still watch him on TV thanks to Sanskar Channel.

Some of us, rather most of us would have called it an End. One year later, Ramdeo joins the stage with the over popular Anna Hazare and his so called Team Anna headed by Mr. Kejriwal. Baba came to the party again and was alleged to have a feud with Arvind Kejriwal.

What India witnessed next was another shocker. Ramdeo meets Political Party leaders. Gadkari fell to his feet. Sharad Pawar getting photographed with him. Mr. Ajeet Singh also meeting him. He was trying to get his political image improved rather than building a consensus on bringing black money back to India.

The Rise- Fall and Rise of Ramdeo is evident before you all. Only question remains is that is BABA now a legitimate political figure or the simple Yoga teacher cum Ayurved Bussinessman?

Your Views invited.

[[The views expressed here are solely mine. No offence on any individual. Just a viewpoint. Notify me if you find any Errors]]

-Tim Salvo