The Child’s out of the Box!

Coming out with an Idea needs no extra brains!

Idiot!’, he said. ‘You are not worth Anything ‘, he added.

This was the teacher scolding, Albert , a stupid looking boy, with hidden capabilities. He was reading fantasy children’s book in class.

‘What make you think so much, Albert’, said a friend. ‘What if we moved along a Telegraph wire with that speed?’ said Albert. Everyone was laughing at him.’ You are nuts!, Albert’.

10 years of aggressive thinking, made him formulate the theory of special relativity. This Albert was no one but the legend of physics Albert Einstein.

Three year old Einstein.( Wikipedia)

You would think he had some Extraordinary brain power to get those theories and formulae. Well he may have an extraordinary brain. but he had the child within him asking some intriguing questions.

The story above is partly fiction. But gives us a message.

As we grow up we avoid some childish behaviours and try to look more of  a mature adult by making arguments and logical reasoning on almost everything! But that child within us is the only creative part of our minds.

It’s not necessary to excel in the toughest exams or to solve mystically typical problems. What is necessary is to bring that child out in the open to explore and endorse the creativity of the nature.

Because if Einstein or Newton had not broken loose the child within them you would have been reading this article inscribed on the stone walls of a street in a Medieval age like city!

Let the child come out of the box!
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Why look West when East is the best?-The Rationalist View

So the third of the lot is public now. Many of my friends and Visitors told me that the previous post was a bit like a fiction with no proof or scientific relation. As in this era, we all tend to find the reason behind everything, here I present before you some facts and proofs.

Aum calligraphy. Aum (Om) Hindu Symbol Françai...

Aum (Om) Hindu  Sacred Symbol 

1.The Frequency of ‘Om’ (ॐ )- Scientists have found out that the frequency of the sacred syllable ‘om’ is the same as the frequency of the rotation of Earth around the sun in the thirty-second octave. The sound is the same as the musical note of  ‘Sa’ (sadja) or C# in western notes. This is directly associated with peace of the sub-conscious mind or the soul. For details- follow the link –The Frequency of the Earth-year.

Srinivasa Ramanujan

2. The Pioneers of Mathematics were Indian scholarsAryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya, Ramanujan are a few names from the list of renowned Mathematicians from India. The world Accepts India gave the concept of zero. Many formulas and Theories suggested by European Mathematicians and Physicists during the Renaissance and after the Industrial Revolution, were already described in the Vedas by our mathematicians, the unfortunate case is that no one understood them that time. Ramanujan ,the great mathematician of the 20th Century, should be promoted as a idol for all young Aspiring scientists. Indians have given a lot to Mathematics, but have not been credited in the equal amount. It is time to come up with interest in mathematics as the ages coming ahead will be the age of rapid pace scientific developments. Indian PM has declared as this year 2012 as ‘The year of Science and Mathematics’.

English: Satyendra Nath Bose in Paris 1925

3. The Boson Particle- The great Satyendra Nath Bose was an eminent physicist. He along with Einstein proposed a theory which led to discovery of the fundamental particles called ‘Bosons’ , which are also called as ‘force carrier particles’. This concept changed the whole scientific community’s thinking about Quantum Mechanics, as Bose described the gas like nature of EM radiations. We wouldn’t have seen lasers or masers if these ‘Bose-Einstein’  statistics had  not evolved. It was not Bose who approached Einstein to collaborate but Einstein approached Bose for collaborating in his work, thats why the statistics are called ‘Bose-Einstein ‘ and not ‘Einstein-Bose’. This theory change the view of scientists on how forces of nature work. The all hyped ‘Higgs Boson‘ is the outcome of Bose’s Works. Unfortunately, our Indian colleges and Schools seem to have forgotten this hero. He should be presented before the students as a pioneer of Scientific research in India and one of the greatest role model for Indian Scientists.

[[ P.S.-There is much more material which can be the part of this post, but I don’t want it to be very long. I will bring out the fourth part if possible. Till Then Happy reading! Adios!]]

Questions? Let them come!

Curiosity is as much the parent of attention, as attention is of memory.
Richard Whately

Doubts arising in your mind? Questions running around inside the grey matter? Don’t hesitate let them come by and let others know about them.
A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?
Albert Einstein
 Like a child is seeking answers for everything he sees around him, we should learn to ask questions, about anything and everything! A wise man can learn from foolish questions! I recall my days in first year of college, where I met a student who had questions regarding almost everything. He asked the teachers, his fellows and people laughed at him. But he did succeed in getting good grades in university exams.
The lesson I learnt from this experience was to get the questions out from behind the bars. Hesitancy, what others would think, make us afraid of expressing our doubts.Its the act of bravery to put up questions as many of us lack this courage!

Questions behind the bars!

No question is so difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious.
George Bernard Shaw

If you cannot speak out, write your question on a piece of paper, at the back of a notebook or maybe on Facebook or Twitter. Believe me it will get you a big relief . Ask a question to an incompetent person or a person who doesn’t even know what you are asking! In the search of his quest he may find a person with knowledge to that particular curiosity and you may get benefit. Knowledge spreads this way only!

You go on Google and type something to quench the thirst of curiosity! That’s what you need to do in your life as well! Find some Google around you and ask him/her your doubts! They will get answered sooner or later.Yes they will get answered!

What we have today around us have all generated out of a Question, “Why?”

Had Newton not asked himself “Why does this apple fall on the ground?” , were we able to make Rockets and space ships and Satellites?

So Questions are Important! As important as the answers would be!

If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.
W. Edwards Deming

 If this post raises questions in your Active brains! then do put them in comments/feedback! But I won’t answer them, you will find them yourselves.

Final words from a great Greek poet

Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing.

Happy questioning! 🙂

Happy Questioning!