About the Author!

He was wearing those nerdy glasses. A pen in his hand posed like a sword. The paper was his canvas and the words his colours. Just like a painter mixes his paints to get different shades, he mixed his words to get the taste of how richer literature has got since its origin by some creative person.

The attire was plain and simple. Head strained with thoughts. perhaps he was thinking of a topic on which his pen would carve the sculpture of a beautiful article on this soft paper. He shook his head. Eyebrows Raised! Nodding in head in despair. Biting his pen. Holding his head. Even Charlie Chaplin wouldn’t have had so many different expressions.

And then his eyes lit and the pen was on his way to drive on the paper. He kept his head down and wrote all along until it was complete. Then stood up raised hi hands and went to sleep. Now he could sleep peacefully having no wild thoughts running across his knavish mind.

It was no one but this stupid person who wrote this article. The scenario was of two years back when something made me go into a shell. You may define that something in any form, its up to you!

Things have changed since then and I have discovered happiness in life!

The mind hasn’t changed but the pen has been replaced by the keyboard and the paper by this silly Blog. For those who are thinking if I wear glasses, well I have a good eyesight, the glasses were to get some ideas running through the minds.

For those who are not known to me.: I am a student, a learner, a reader and a writer. I speak a lot to myself (really!). Not techno-savvy but really interested in the boom technology is seeing these days. I am a keen observer of politics especially Indian Politics and Geo-politics of India. An Indian before being anything else. Wannabe politician( you may laugh at me but its true!). Engineering is my need, Writing my curiosity and philanthropy my aspiration.

11 thoughts on “About the Author!

  1. Shalvika P says:

    Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog and following!! I still haven’t gotten a chance to go through your blog. But I will as soon as I find enough time.
    P.S. I am also an Electronics Engineer, though I rarely ever blog about technology. No. actually, never till date have I done that 😛


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