Games meet brains: the new immersive tech of gaming

From keyboard, joystick, mouse to touchpads to touch screens to gesture control, Now brain controlled gaming


From joysticks to gamepads and now gesture recognition, gaming has been downsizing the gadgets over the decades, and it is getting close to tapping into the ultimate controller: your brain. About 300 people gathered to learn about and test the latest neurogaming tech at the eponymously named conference and expo in San Francisco this week, and many an attendee was outfitted like they belonged to the Borg. Besides the “neuro” side of the tech offerings, haptics technology — involving devices that stimulate the touch or body sense — was also well-represented.

The majority of exhibitors were peddling tech to monitor brain waves, and it seemed like EEG (electroencephalography) headsets were available in every color, shape, and size, from sleek Google Glass-like headbands to traditional electrode-laden caps. Since the measured waves represent the activity of the whole brain, it’s not possible for the devices to literally read your mind; you can’t…

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