Someone Somewhere is tracking you!


No matter how secure you have made yourself on Internet. Someone somewhere is tracking your data!(Photo Courtesy:Times of India)

It has been 20 years of World Wide Web, and now almost half of the world has its presence on the internet. Social Networking has taken it to another level by presenting people in their digital avatars.

But how secure are you over the Internet? 

We all share our photos, important data, news, information all over the internet with our friends and family and want the data to be secure. Facebook has it’s privacy settings but there are certainly a few loopholes.

Whatever you do on internet is been constantly monitored. Though there is no criminal activity behind it, but yes you are being TRACKED!

Ever wondered how Google gives you exact results you are looking for? Google has got a tool called Google Analytics which analyses your search pattern and gives you the best result possible. And guess what it works on every website. How does facebook manage to give you advertisements which are close to your needs? It also tracks your data!

I am not here to demean the marketing policy or any other policy of any Company. But as users we must know the loopholes in our own security. Though these websites ensure security, but there has been no website which cannot be hacked into by using very simple methods.

Be safe over the Internet! Don’t click on spam links.


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