Hidden Facts: The reality of Development

Hey people, after a long duration of a rest, the idiot has come out of the box to interact with you again. Still typing with my one hand, I could have taken my time, but this is an important issue.

Reservation, a blessing or a curse, is a matter of endless debate. People belonging to general category feel that reservation is snatching rights away from them! It’s natural to think so!

Reservation, on the other hand, has also given opportunity to the downtrodden to come up and play their part in the society.

But over a few decades, it is seen that political parties are using this as an agenda to increase their vote bank. the benefits of reservation are being taken by the economically sound SC/ST people and others have been suppressed by their own leaders. Prakash Jha’s ‘Gangajal’ gives the example of this. For those who didn’t see Gangajal, please watch it only if you are strong at heart. This movie is based on some real life stories and reality is always harsh. Nevertheless, Ajay Devgn and Prakash Jha’s combination does wonders.

We need to think on the reservation policy again taking into consideration the economic sustainability along with the caste. The time has gone when caste alone was the symbol of a ‘Dalit’. Socio-Economic status has to be taken into account. Thoughts developing against reservation needs to be assured of the goodwill behind this policy and the merits of the system. This topic should not be read with the brain but with the heart keeping in mind the poorest person you have seen

Disclaimer: I belong to GENERAL category.


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