‘Shehzada-e-Ghazal’ Madan Mohan- A tribute!

Madan Mohan (music director)

Madan Mohan (music director) 

MADAN MOHAN is not a household name nowadays, but he was one of those music directors who blended or rather embedded Indian classical music into Hindi film songs. Born in 1924 in Baghdad(Iraq), he was always surrounded by a bollywood type of environment as his father, Rai Bhahadur Chunnilalji, had partenered in the formation of Bombay Talkies and then the Filmistan Studios.

Lata Mangeshkar christened him with the title of ‘Shehzada-e-Ghazal'(Prince of Ghazals) for his incredible Ghazals and songs.

Lata ji sung many songs for him and usedto consider him as her brother. He faced difficulties in finding assignments as most of the director/producers had their Music directors, but his works in ‘Woh Kaun Thi’, ‘Anpadh’ etc.

One of the finest song in his own voice.

Today is his 37th death Anniversary. Luxecon (via Kirti Kumar) pays tribute to him.

Some songs sung by Lataji, compositions of Madan Mohan.

There are many more songs. This blog will not be enough for all of them.




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