Love thy Neighbour!

I was sitting in despair with no topic to write. The two halves of this knavish mind debating with each other. All thanks to Mr. Zardari and Pakistan media that they gave me a topic to write.

These words ‘Love thy Neighbour’ find the origin in Bible. But its relevance seem to have a positive streak in the 21st century A.D.

Neighbours? or foes? or friends?

Since the partition of land, the relations between the separated siblings have never been such that we can call them ‘friends’. This is, perhaps, why one of our Prime Ministers had to say – “We can choose our friends but not our neighbours”.

The Indo-Pak relations have been quite similar to a sine wave with a variations in  frequency.

A light of peace and friendly gesture by the two countries made the lower border of the  TV screen flash in red with the hit media words “BREAKING NEWS”.

This has now become a regular phenomenon,the concept of breaking news, on each and every channel on Television nowadays.

Well today’s breaking was Sarabjit’s mercy pardon granted by the  Pakistan President(which was later denied). But the Media which is always ahead of time(sometimes ahead in other universe) was saying that Sarabjit will be released soon. Sarabjit was convicted in bomb blast cases in Pakistan and sentenced to death in 1991. He has been awaiting for his death sentence to be converted to a life sentence, for 22 years and will have to wait more.

Sarabjit Singh

Dr. Khaleel Chisti had been released from Ajmer in the light of Human Rights. The Pakistani counterparts gave a light of hope for Sarabjit’s family who have been struggling for freedom of Sarabjit. Pakistan Human Rights Activist Ansar barni, Sarabjit’s Lawyer, Foreign Minister S.M.Krishna, Media(of both nations) had welcomed the release of Sarabjit. But as is the case with Pakistan’s behaviour, you can not believe on anything what is a mere speculation or expectations, you have to see if that thing actually happens!

As I had started writing this post in the night, there was another Breaking News! Pakistan denied on the fact that Sarabjit’s Mercy petitionwas signed by the President. Instead, it was a person called Surjeet Singh who has been in Pakistan’s Kotlakhpat Jail for 30 years. The hyped Pakistan Media had been spreading only rumours, or in case was it to overshadow the news that the control room of 26/11 attack was located in Karachi as told by the latest conviction in the case, Abu Jindal aka Abu Hamza.

This is the responsibility of the media to inform the people, who are watching or reading them, the correct piece of news.  Unfortunately Media is heading towards rumours and speculate them to create News out of it, which confuses the people.

India and Pakistan share a long border which is threatened constantly by trespassers and terrorist groups. Being neighbours our diplomats have to figure out a way to keep peace between the two hostile nations. The release of Dr. Chisti was a humanitarian gesture, expecting a similar thing from Pakistan. Pakistan did something similar but the Media who wanted to suppress the news which confirmed the use of the Pakistan’s Land for cross border terrorism in India made it a totally different stories by highlighting the sentiments of the common people who wants to think beyond borders.

This is a hidden sabotage between the two nations forcing each other to take decisions which would create hopes in the people and then get them thrashed !

However, it is a good thing that Surjeet singh is going to be released soon and a positive thing from Pakistan’s side. Hopeful that Sarabjit and other innocent people who have been forced to live in jail will be freed soon. Ultimately neither India or Pakistan would win but it will be humanity which is triumphant.

P.S. This is a sensitive issue. Readers are advised to act sensibly and not create controversy out of it.


5 thoughts on “Love thy Neighbour!

  1. you are right.. today media only want news.. whether it is right or wrong.. i heared that ” surjeet” will be released instead of ” sarabjeet”. i think that the politicians of both the countries are influenced by the super powers and they do what the super powers want.. politics of our politicians is also based on european’s agenda. america works on the plan of 40, 50 years, they have plan for every country just to extend their rule and to rule the whole world


  2. i think that europe does not want good relationship between pak and india, thats why they created differences between hindus and muslims to divide sub continent, they work on the quote” divide and rule” i feel sad that still we do not understand this.. and fight with each other and the super powers get the benefit. america sell weapons and nuclear technology to us and we happily buy them and use them against each other, common people of both the countries love and respect each other.. if peace will be established in both the countries than south asia will emerge as a big power on the globe and ll be able to stand with them which is not acceptable for europe..


    • its quite true. But more than Europe its the politics of both countries which affect the relations. Its sad that it took 8 hours to ratify such a mistake. If it was an inadvertent mistake then should have been clarified as and when it was shown by TV channels. We being the common people can only hope for peace. As long this geopolitical situation exists no peace can be proclaimed.
      And at last Thank you for the valuable comment. 🙂


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