The Child’s out of the Box!

Coming out with an Idea needs no extra brains!

Idiot!’, he said. ‘You are not worth Anything ‘, he added.

This was the teacher scolding, Albert , a stupid looking boy, with hidden capabilities. He was reading fantasy children’s book in class.

‘What make you think so much, Albert’, said a friend. ‘What if we moved along a Telegraph wire with that speed?’ said Albert. Everyone was laughing at him.’ You are nuts!, Albert’.

10 years of aggressive thinking, made him formulate the theory of special relativity. This Albert was no one but the legend of physics Albert Einstein.

Three year old Einstein.( Wikipedia)

You would think he had some Extraordinary brain power to get those theories and formulae. Well he may have an extraordinary brain. but he had the child within him asking some intriguing questions.

The story above is partly fiction. But gives us a message.

As we grow up we avoid some childish behaviours and try to look more of  a mature adult by making arguments and logical reasoning on almost everything! But that child within us is the only creative part of our minds.

It’s not necessary to excel in the toughest exams or to solve mystically typical problems. What is necessary is to bring that child out in the open to explore and endorse the creativity of the nature.

Because if Einstein or Newton had not broken loose the child within them you would have been reading this article inscribed on the stone walls of a street in a Medieval age like city!

Let the child come out of the box!
(Random photo from Google)


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