After Windows and Office, its the surface!

The Software Giant, Microsoft bombed a surprise in the tech community with its newly launched tablet called as Surface.

Some news feeds had it that Microsoft would bring a Windows 8 Tablet soon with Hardware company like Dell or Samsung. Microsoft has now dared to challenge the Arch rival Apple with its own hardware Technology.

It’s the old Rivalry again! Credits :

Surface would run on the latest Windows OS, Windows with the live tile feature. It has a cover with a physical keyboard embedded on it, which may be detached. Microsoft claims it to be capable of switching from touch to keyboard and keyboard to touch at will.( Of course the users will).

Well the looks of the new tablet are attractive and with the options it gives in terms of colour, it will reach a larger bunch of people who own gadgets for style statement alone.

The Question is of the price only. If its competitive, then soon the Apple’s iPad and MacBook will look obsolete.

The Surface from Microsoft! iPad’s envy!


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