The Radiant Drops of Water

The all important WATER!

Water! We all think we know everything about water. Oh yes its decreasing I know. I know how much water is prenet on Earth and how much is drinkable etc. etc. but does anyone knows what has been done for saving this natural resource which is depleting at a rapid speed? I will tell you some of my experience.

Watching some new channels on TV, to keep myself updated on the recent politics of the Raisina hills, I came across a News channel NDTV India. The show was called ‘Hum Log’ and was presented by my favorite reporter and anchor Ravish Kumar.

The show was on the topic of  ‘Saving the water resources‘ but unlike any other debate or discussion, this was not an ordinary one. The speaker was Mr. Anupam Mishra, a Gandhian and an Environmentalist who had been active in the field of  ‘Smart water management‘ (as the English speaking community says) for almost four decades. I couldn’t move away from the television as he was speaking and showing those rare and unusual Pictures and Information. After watching that you would perhaps think that you didn’t know much about water! As humble as a cow Mr. Anupam Mishra says that even he doesn’t know much about water although he has spent large part of his life studying water resources and management across India.

He told about the glorious water resources in the deserts Rajasthan where people have found their ways to get drinking water and how people living in metros are blindly ‘eating up’ the rivers near the cities. You can see the video on NDTV‘s website if you really want and its my humble request for those Englishmen to not watch this because its totally in Hindi and I cannot provide subtitles. 😀

Well jokes apart, you can also read Mr. Mishra’s famous book , ‘Aaj bhi khare hain hamare talab’ and here khare means pure(not khaare which means salty). A really interesting book and after reading it you would come up with positive attitude and positive thinking for management of rapidly declining water resources.

Anupam Mishra- A true Gandhian and Environmentalist


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