Why look West when East is the Best!

Yesterday Night I had a really strange thought running through my knavish mind.

NO! No fantasies .NO Sci-fi stories. NO Rajnikanth Jokes either.

My crafty mind said to me, you follow the western manners right when u wake up and brush your teeth. I was taken aback(just some exaggeration). It is true. In fact many of us just blindly follow what the Americans or the Europeans do or what they used to do!

It may be the long-term effect of the cruel British Raj. Or maybe we people are really wiling to follow the west for the best, as many of our economists used to say once.But, they are eventually proven wrong, the fact evident from USA‘s LOOK EAST Policy.

What made the British Empire great( i don’t think it was Great but Historians say so)? What made Alexander great?  What made the Roman Empire great?

The answer is common to all. Attack on others, killing people, making slaves,conquering land etc. They had nothing to give but atrocities. Those who talk of Human Rights today, did not treat others as human. They may call themselves great or may compel others to call them great but the truth is greatness doesn’t come from winning wars.

But now ask yourself. What made India great? What made Akbar great? What made Ashok Great? What made Samudragupta great? What made Vikramaditya Great? The answer is simple and evident. The spreading of the rich cultural Heritage!

Akbar symbolizes the mixed culture of India. Ashok was indulged in violent wars but later he transformed himself into a Buddhist and the spread Buddhism has all over the world including Japan, China, Sri lanka, Myanmar, etc is all because of him.

India enjoys the status of the Oldest Civilization on Earth. The Vedic culture is full of many untold mysteries. If someone can interpret the sayings of Ved and Puran and Link them to science. You may find many things similar between them.

contd. in the next part with some interesting facts and interpretations. This part is just an Introduction to what is coming next. There will be a full series of Articles so just keep following!

[[Keep reading for the next half !]]

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