Introspection or Blame game?

The BJP National Executive meet commenced recently in Mumbai. All kind of internal politics we saw in BJP. Media reports say that senior leaders like Sushmaji, Advaniji and Jaitleyji are unhappy with Gadkari as second time president. The biggest U-turn was Yedyurappa attending the executive meet. Feud between Gadkari and Modi over Sanjay Joshi was quite clear to everyone and Mr. Joshi had to vacate his hotel room for someone else. Despite all these,party denies any kind of divisions within the party. Mr. ‘Ad’vani wrote his heart out on his blog and as truth is always bitter, people couldn’t digest it. They blamed the central government for all problems that Bharat today face.  Blame! Blame! and Blame! Indian Politics!

Today was the Congress working committee’s annual meet. Mrs. Gandhi and our PM were present. The UPA chairperson blamed ‘Non Congress’ ruled states and ‘Non congress’ parties (not Non-UPA) for all problems the country (or rather the government) is facing. She took on Anna and his so called ‘team’ saying that its unfortunate that they raise their fingers on the PM. PM’s words were more humble and he urged to educate people what the government is doing for them.( Mr. Singh if you will do that you and your ministers will have to flee from the country..humble remarks no offence). So another Blame! Blame game!

The political parties sort of ‘enjoy’ playing such games. But they have forgotten that while the play such games, the People of Bharat are suffering. Bharat Mata is suffering. I wish Aamir was willing to take up this issue but he would play safe to save himself from those ” Special Previledge” notices. These notices are no less than the human rights violation in Kudalkunam N-Project where people were barred from discussing the issue of environment damage by the project. Well let’s come back to this Blame game. Parties don’t want to introspect but Blame. Human tendency isn’t it? I blame you , you blame me! and the result is the very old ZERO!

The need of the hour is that Political Parties stop blaming each other and work in proper co-ordination so that no interest serves before the interest of the nation. Falling Rupee.Disappointed markets.Desperate Common Man.  All are looking upon you with the hope that you will get back the ‘India Story’ on the positive track once again.

[[Note: No offence on any individual. Please notify if u find any grammatical, linguistic or factual Error!]]


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