Deaf and Dumb Government

Petrol Prices are hiked once again. Not 2 or 3 rs. but by 10%. Petrol is one of the basic necessities of the common man. That’s why the previous governments kept it under their control. But this 21st century government which still thinks as they did in the 70’s, doesn’t seem to be reacting  to situations as fast as possible.

In this era of fast paced competition among countries, our government is still very slow as it was in the 1970’s. When it comes to increase MP’s salary or MP allowances the government and parliament is quick to react. We are so bound by rules that the ministers still utter these words ” I beg to lay the papers mentioned against my name”..The British parliament , from whom we have adopted the parliamentary structure has changed a lot over the years but we are still stuck with those old ideas and infinite number of rules. 

The present government of UPA II has lost its right to be in the government as they don’t bother about the people anymore. But the opposition doesn’t seem to have unanimity and there is lack of leadership in NDA and the Left parties. This is the sole reason that this government is still in power. After the success in its first tenure, UPA-II is struggling with the problems within itself. Feud between heavyweight ministers, charges of corruption, Anna’s Movement, Dispute of congress with its allies, Mamta’s Dominance, Manmohan Singh’s weakness and many more.

The effect of governance is such that people are thinking of Dictatorship as an option. The likes of Kamadi and A. Raja are polluting the sacred temple of Democracy. People like Mayawati, Lau Prasad, Mulayam Singh are at the mercy of CBI.But the age old Law proverb comes into effect “Innocent till proven guilty”. Its unfortunate and ridiculous that Arvind Kejriwal and baba Ramdev has to tell people that the parliament house is full of criminals!..

The only thing which can improve system to some extent is the involvement of youth from al parts of the nation. i am sorry to say But Rahul Gandhi is just a namesake ‘Gandhi’. He cannot be the leader we want. People look upon him as the next Rajiv Gandhi but unfortunately Rahul has to see more struggle in Life. He is in his 40’s and 5 years from no he will no longer be the kind of Youth Leadership we want. There is urgency of taking fast actions with the elder people giving in all their experience and advice. Kolkata Knight riders team may be an example , just kidding.

-Tim Salvo 


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