China’s Strategy and Indian Government’s Ignorance

Some English fellow once said: “Ignorance is bliss.” This famous English proverb( it was part of a poetry though) has become the tagline of those people who are either ignorant or don’t want to bother about what’s happening outside the country!  China is growing like a Dinosaur which is heading towards us.

The main Reasons of Feud

1.Aksai Chin Region : The region near Ladakh was the issue which lead to 1962 Indo-China war. The two sides have agreed to respect the Line of Actual Control. 

2.The Tawang Region: China claims the tawang area of Arunachal Pradesh,but it is an Integral part of India. China’s claim is worth nothing because even historically this region was a part of Tibet and there are disputes regarding Tibet as well.

3.The Tibet case: China acquired Tibet and the people of Tibet came to India for Shelter. We gave shelter to the Tibetans which China didn’t like. The Human Rights Violations in Tibet are well known to everyone and India doesn’t seem to take a stand on this issue!!

4.The Brahmaputra dispute: This is the most recent one. China is trying to divert the waters of the great Brahmaputra River. The dumb Indian Government says we are looking into the matter when all media is showing reports claimimg that China is indeed stopping Brahmaputra water and diverting it!..Interestingly,the Brahmaputra doesn’t flow through China, rather it flows in Tibet( where its called Tsangpo)!!

5. China’s Interference in Kashmir: China is sending soldiers and building Infrastructure in the portions of Pok which the Pakis call Azad Kashmir. Its ridiculous that we are keeping quite on this issue!!..

China is one of the major powers in Asia and unfortunately our neighboring country. We cannot let it play with the sovereignty and dignity of our country. Everyone wants better relations with their neighbors but the feeling shouldn’t be one sided always!




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