Female Foeticide

Aamir Khan’s TV debut on ‘SatyaMev Jayate’ has startled everybody. The concept of the show is brilliant and raises those issues which are commonly uncommon with the common man(thanks to anna hazare’s Bhrashtar hatao andolan..AAM AADMI thinks of Corruption as the only Evil that prevails in India).Well,it seems everyone wants to take advantage of the popularity of the show. Rakhi Sawant says Aamir stole the concept of her show ( No wonders Rakhi is saying this).Euphoria came up with a legal notice on the theme song. some news channels and newspapers have started a so called “MUHIM” just to get popularity out of this issue.

It doesn’t matter whether Aamir touches people’s hearts or not. The thing which matters is that why an Actor like Aamir has to rise up and tell us about these important issues. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have developed interests in these kind of things.

Now I come to the main point..What happened in a country like India where women are treated as Goddesses, that we have to struggle with the problem of female foeticide?..This sanskrit verse tells us what Indian Culture says about Women

                          “yatra naryastu pujyante, ramante tatra devata”

which means, where women are worshiped there is the Residence of God.

The reason of this social disease goes back to the late Treta Yug. Selfish nature of man became dominant as Kaliyug was arriving. Because of this selfish nature, women were now treated like material objects. Respect to women was at its worst. Evils like Dowry, sati pratha, Bal vivaah were becoming common. Girls were seen as burden to her father and family. This lead to female infanticide, girl child was killed right after birth. As time passed, female infanticide took another form as now we call it female foeticide.

Reason maybe related to past but the solution lies in our present and future. According to me, no law can ever successfully put an end to this evil. Its up-to us that we take a pledge to stop this crime by not committing and not letting others commit this unholy sin.

Let Truth only prevail..”SATYAMEV JAYATE”


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